Res Judicata Sessions

As a college kid in the early 90’s, well after the days of Santa descending our chimney, nothing surpassed the joy of the elusive “soundboard” bootlegs of the Grateful Dead. Popping the cassette into the ole’ cavalier and hearing the best Sugaree ever never got old. As the digital era slowly took over with the advent of the compact disc and then the abominable streaming services our senses for unique musical experiences were forever dulled like an old butter knife. The Res Judicata Sessions represent my homage to the days passed where the recording stands for itself. A snapshot in time minus the post-production numbing that so often homogenizes the sound. Recorded on a vintage Sony analog board sourced by legendary pedal steel player Bucky Baxter, these recordings are to be enjoyed exactly for what they are, imperfect in the most perfect way.  I couldn’t be more humbled for volume one: Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae. Enjoy !!


The Jazz Trials